Yorkshire Rocking Horses

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Yorkshire Rocking Horses

Rocking Zebra

A beautifully carved zebra of substantial size, with vividly defined black and white markings, mounted on a solid oak frame.

Removable saddle and bridle in ‘Havana’ coloured leather. It’s an extra large horse and stands approx. 1.5 meters high to the head.

This very special creation is an ex-showroom piece and is on offer at just £3200. Brand new list price – £5600

Delivery for Christmas can be arranged.

Rocking Unicorn

This large unicorn is another stunning creation to come out of the workshop here in Yorkshire and features a white leather padded saddle on silver leather trim.

The turned head and muscle carving add magical vibrancy to these formidable creatures. It’s a large horse and stands approx. 1.2 meters high to the head.

It’s presently owned by a lovely family in Kent, with whom you will deal directly. There are minor age-related cosmetic points which can easily be remedied if you wish to do so.

I am suggesting a price tag of £2500.
Brand new list price – £4800

Carousel Horse

This is a restored, traditional type fairground horse in solid wood – carefully and beautifully painted,

It’s mounted on a solid wood, very strong swing stand – and is approx. 42″ in height.

Priced to sell at just £450!

Victorian Horse

A traditionally made Victorian Rocking Horse made by ‘Alron’ Victorian Horses of Liverpool, circa 1960.

Standing approx. 38″ high it is in need of some repairs, including new stirrups, reins, mane and tail (re)attaching.

Please Contact Us for a quote on this restoration work.

Priced to sell at just £400!

Rainbow Zebra

This totally unique Rainbow Zebra Horse is carefully painted in flamboyant rainbow colours with matching mane & tail.

There are a choice of colours available for the saddle but Silver or Gold look stunning!

It’s mounted on a solid wood, very strong swing stand – and is approx. 43″ in height.

Complete price (including saddle) is just £1900!

Mahogany Georgia Bow Rocker

A beautifully made, almost miniature, mahogany horse.

With exquisite black tack, it stands approx. 36″ high.

Please Contact Us for more photos.

Priced at just £1500!