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Yorkshire Rocking Horses

Traditional Rocking Horses Made in Yorkshire

All of the Rocking Horses you will see on this website were made here in our own small workshop in Yorkshire. You are more than welcome to come and visit us here, in one of England’s most beautiful and interesting spots.

There are numerous rocking horses in all states of build, intermingled with antique rocking horses waiting or in the process of being restored. Be prepared for a bit of true Yorkshire grime and grit here in Hebden Bridge, home to Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath.

We offer a range of models and styling/accessory options, a sample of which you can see below – although not all are available on all models. Customisation options include:

  • Up to four different sizes ranging from 36″ (92cm) to 60″ (152cm) high
  • Deluxe model option with a stunning turned head & muscle carving
  • Hand-painted in the colouring of your choosing – or left as unpainted wood in your choice of staining and varnishing
  • Choice of woods including Oak, Ash & Pine
  • A secret lockable compartment in the underbelly of the horse into which family treasures can be placed. (Extra cost of £150)
  • A swing rocker stand as standard on most models, but with a bow rocker stand often available at an extra cost
  • Mane & tail are made from real horse hair and available in four colours choices – black, mixed brown, mixed grey, or blonde
  • The saddle and bridle are authentically styled and hand stitched in high quality leather and available in three colour choices – black, brown, or tan
  • With a ‘fixed’ saddle being standard on most models, a removable non-slip saddle is often available, at an extra cost
  • Other customisations include the horse blanket. As well as a choice of colours there is also an option to add an embroidered family crest or other motif

Find out more about some of our rocking horse models – including our Unicorn, Zebra and amazing Pegasus just below.

The Dapple Grey Rocking Horse

A favourite, generation after generation. We make four sizes of Dapple Grey and they are all strong enough to carry a large adult.

These days our large and extra-large horses are increasingly popular.

Traditionally painted by hand dappling and finished in antique wax to give the horse a nice mellow look.

The leather fixed saddles are made here in Yorkshire from vegetable-tanned leather and are available in three colours; dark brown, tan and black.

A removable saddle is also offered. They are very realistic, fastening on with a secure fixed girth strap with knee rolls for added grip.

Painted Horses Sizes & Pricing

Saddle blankets are embroidered with our company logo.

Removable hand-stitched matching bridle and Fulmer bits come as standard. Hair colours are grey, honey, browns and black.

All the horses are hand-painted by our clever artist, hand dappled with gentle subtle dappling which is very popular.

Once we are happy with the painting and after the surface has been sealed, we then add gentle antique waxing to impart a slightly aged mellow feel to the horse.

We can paint in various other styles too, please contact us for more details.

The quality of the carving is paramount, especially on the head where poor carving leads to a formless, characterless horse. This can be easily seen by comparing the many imported horses flooding the country.

Look how the heads are carved; the imported horses are all the same, they lack good carving. This runs throughout the horse, leading to a totally bland horse.

Only good quality carving can recreate the distinctive traditional English Rocking Horse. A tradition we take great pride and much time in maintaining so that our customers will appreciate and immediately fall in love with.

The Cavalry Horse

This horse comes in one size, extra-large and is made to exceptionally generous proportions. The neck is strong and thick as was the ideal cavalry horse.

The horse weighs a total of 85kg with a height of 56″ (142cm) and a body length of 36″ (92cm). They are mounted on a solid oak stand 6′ 6″ (2m) in length in order to carry their charge. It’s an exceptionally imposing equine.

The tack is a faithful copy of a WW1 English Cavalry Horse, including head collar and bridle with bit.

Other traditional colours available on request.

This horse is £5800 – including delivery*

The Old War Horse

A beautiful traditional bow rocker based on the original ‘Lines’ rocking horse from the 19th century. A superb carving of a horse in full flight leaping the trenches of the fields.

86” long and 55” high it’s a massive beast ready to takes its riders on an amazing journey.

It can be painted as a coloured or a dapple horse – and fitted with a traditional nail on saddle or a removable one. 

Mounted on very robust Beech rockers gives the horse all the stability required for its arduous treks.

This horse is £6500 – including delivery*

The Unpainted ‘Natural Wood’ Horse

Unpainted Horses Sizes & Pricing

Our traditional hand painted rocking horses are beautiful and incredibly lifelike, but our unpainted, natural wood horses are equally stunning and the choice of many customers too.

Available in a variety of wood types including Pine & Ash, however the Oak Rocking Horse is by far the most popular.

Made to our usual generous sizes, this horse a truly imposing heavyweight in the rocking horse world.

“Oak horses seem to match my carving style. My head carving style is enhanced by the simple strong beauty of natural oak” says owner & craftsman Steven Bulcock. “Oak lends itself to various staining – and even ebony black stains on oak horses look amazing”.

Unpainted Horses Sizes & Pricing

Rocking Zebra

Swap the English countryside for the African plains and you can almost smell the hot, gently swaying grasses of the Savanna.

Meticulously hand-painted with vividly defined black and white markings, our Zebra is a stunning recreation of the free-roaming cousin of our much-loved horse.

As with our horses, it comes with a fixed leather padded seat and stirrups as standard, but this can be upgraded to a hand-stitched authentic replica removable saddle at an extra cost of £375.

The model shown here is mounted on a green stain swing stand rocker to resemble the hot African grass plains.

It can also come mounted on pine or hardwood polished stands or bow rockers.

Zebra Horses Sizes & Pricing

Zebra Horses Sizes & Pricing

Real Leather English Riding Saddle

As an optional extra, we offer this fully removable riding saddle on all the above horses, suitable for all ages.

Not suitable on the small rocking horse (Size 1) but fits perfectly on all horse sizes 2-4.

A blanket accompanies the saddle upon which a family name can be embroidered.

Please contact us to find out more about the customisable styling options.

Rocking Unicorn

Straight from the fantastic far reaches of imagination and romanticism comes the universally loved unicorn.

This mythical creature can be mounted upon the saftey swing stand or on bow rockers.

Generally the unicorn is a white creature but we have done them with star dust finish, also faint hues of pink.

The flowing mane is usually white, while the saddle and bridle can be gold or silver.

We offer a crystal horn to give the unicorn that touch of true magic but we also supply an interchangeable wooden one, a little more robust to ravages of time travel.

Unicorn Horses Sizes & Pricing

Unicorn Horses Sizes & Pricing


Pegasus Horses Sizes & Pricing

Take a true flight of fantasy on the magnificent winged horse of Greek mythology, Pegasus.

This horse is breath-taking, usually finished in white with burnished gold. is exceptional in carving detail in both the head and wings.

With the features of the Deluxe rocking horse, this rocking unicorn has a turned head and muscle carving.

The wings are intricately carved in solid wood to make them look as delicate as the real things.

Mounted on bow rockers influenced by the famous Japanese painting ‘The Great Wave’, this horse is even able to be ridden by adults on the larger model.

Pegasus Horses Sizes & Pricing

Add A Secret Compartment

All horse can include a secret compartment. Access is invisible and located in a hinged lockable trap door in the belly of the horse. Plenty of room inside for all those photos, swimming certificates, family trees, etc. This addition is available at an extra cost of £150.

Sizing & Pricing

Many of our handmade rocking horses are available in a choice of size options – from 36″ (92 cm) to 60″ (152 cm) high. You can find the full list of options here on our Sizes and Prices page.

* Delivery price inclusive up to 150 miles from our workshop. Delivery prices for further distances on application.