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I can’t remember how old I was when I first walked inside my grandfather’s workshop, but I can remember being captivated by the sights, smells and the skills passed down to his only workman.

He looked older still than my grandad and seemed to possess a world of knowledge about what can be done with a piece of wood.

I can remember them saying: “Don’t go near that! Keep away from that!, Put that down, it will cut you!” But of course, I was all the more determined to learn this mysterious art.

And that is what I did – with their guiding hand.

About thirty years later I entered the world of rocking horses. All those skills learned have now been put to good use for more than a quarter of a century, in a similar workshop.

I have invested a lifetime of knowledge and care into my craft. You can be assured the rocking horse I make for you will be the best possible. I spend as much time as necessary listening to what you want and will produce the horse accordingly.

I do try to deliver as many rocking horses as I can personally. It’s not always possible, the workshop rarely sees a quiet time, especially as Christmas time comes around.

Meeting and bringing in a rocking horse is such a pleasurable thing. Often very quietly as the children are asleep, the Christmas tree resplendent. It’s all so magical.

The time and care that is put into these horses is limitless.

In this picture, you may just see many more horses in the background, disappearing into the depth of the workshop.

Each rocking horse waiting in turn for the next step on its journey to becoming your rocking horse that will be delivered personally.

Not all the rocking horses are new rocking horses. Many are old rocking horses and still, more are antique rocking horses, valuable heirlooms from the past.

So this is the workshop, with all its dust and horses, new and old waiting to become loved by someone.

It’s a friendly place where I invite people to explore their dreams, revisit their past and possibly recreate a chunk of that past. I’m very amenable to suggestions on design of new horses and restoration of old ones.

All are welcome to come and chat.

Steven Bulcock – Owner of Yorkshire Rocking Horses and maker of traditional, handmade rocking horses for more than 30 years

We are located in Yorkshire but make beautiful Victorian style rocking horses for customers throughout the UK and Worldwide

‘Yorkshire Rocking Horse Maker’s Flight of Fancy’

“Steven Bulcock turned his back on his career as an engineer to pursue his love of working with wood, first building narrowboats and then making and restoring rocking horses.”

An article for the Yorkshire Post by Catherine Scott – published in December 2020. Photos by Simon Hulme.

Something Special from one of our own…

The Story of Farmer Christmas…

Melinda Chantler is one of our very talented craftspeople here at Yorkshire Rocking Horses – she paints our horses – and she’s just published a magical, beautifully illustrated new book which we wanted to share with you.

“Flying over mountains, faster than light, the old man and his sleigh flew on through the night”.

The tale of Farmer Christmas from his birth to the present day. He is almost 2000 years old and living in retirement in the North with his animals. Still making toys and delivering them to millions of children every year, with a little help from his friends, the elves and mythical creatures from around the world.

The book is available right now in Paperback or on Kindle on Amazon so please do check it out and support a great local artist…