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Lines Rocking horse

This is a typically poorly rocking horse that comes to us for restoration. The legs were loose at the joints. The gesso was mostly flaking off and its original paint surface long gone. In the case of the rocking horse in the picture above, the customer requested for its paintwork to be finished with an antique look.

Rocking horse restoration in Yorkshire

Occasionally, on investigation, a rocking horse is found to have its original dappling more or less intact, albeit, hidden beneath many layers of good old Woolworth gloss paint!

This being the case, and if the customer wishes, this original surface can be restored. This is a slightly more costly job but highly recommended in terms of keeping both originality and value.

This rocking horse came to us without its original saddle. At Yorkshire Rocking Horses, we keep patterns of all original saddle types; therefore we will fit this rocking horse with a proper saddle of the Lines style.

On investigation, a small amount of original hair was found in its tail hole, so this rocking horse will also have its original hair colour.

An odd Rocking Horse

This was an unusual rocking horse, it was mounted on a set of original Ayres bows but the horse itself was constructed from an exotic hardwood. Its head carving bore no resemblance Ayres horses. It had been in the same family for 3 generations at least and had been purchased in the UK.

Yorkshire Rocking horse restoration

The customer requested for us to maintain its original appearance with the addition of new hair and some repair to leatherwork. The painting style was to be more or less the same as before, with a hint of Ayres.

Baby Carriages rocking horse

This rocking horse was manufactured by Baby Carriages ltd of Liverpool The customer wanted the paint work to be touched up only, a loose leg was repaired but most importantly, they wanted lots of long hair, new stirrup leathers and leather trims including a new bridle. The wobbly stand was overhauled and given a fresh coat of varnish to the rocking horse.

UK Rocking horse restoration

Rocking Horse Restoration Price List

Itemised prices for part restoration available on request. Please ring 07528 043 239 or info@yorkshirerockinghorses.co.uk

Height from floor to ears

Full Restoration Price









Rocking Horse Repairs

Broken ear, wobbly stand, missing jaw, flaky paint work; we are happy to repair them for you.

A very early Lines Rocking Horse Work in progress

Yorkshire Rocking horse restoration

New ears for this Lines rocking horse, and a shiny new pair of eyes! New coat, tack, hair etc This ear replacement operation costs £95

Rocking horse restoration in Yorkshire, UK

A wide variety of real horse hair available for your new horse or restoration.

Rocking horse restoration in Yorkshire, UK

For prices on individual repairs please contact us on 07528 043 239 or email info@yorkshirerockinghorses.co.uk