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Antique rocking horse

A splendid example of the Victorian bow rocker horse manufactured by Ayres Ltd towards the end of the 19 th century.

Fully restored to its former glory.

During restoration remains of a plaid blanket were found and upon enquiring with the owners it was revealed the family were living in Edinburgh where the horse was purchased in the 50s One assumes Ayres chose the plad blanket for that market.

The horse is large in size and with an off-set head

Horse measures 44" high and the bows are 72" in length

Antique Horses

Antique Rocking Horses in Yorkshire
From time to time old horses, antique horses come to us in various states of disrepair. Some, a few are in a state where it is unwanted by anyone and a decision will be taken to restore. Rarely, we come across an antique rocking horse that is in quiet good state. They will be kept and offered for sale.
An example is the horse above.
A medium size rocking horse made by FH Ayres. circa 1910. Still in original state. The horse measures 37" high floor to ears.

Collinson Rocking Horse in Yorkshire

Collinson Rocking Horse for sale
PRICE : £650 ono

Height from floor to ears 38"
Height from floor to saddle 31"
Length of Stand 50"
Width of stand 16"

This rocking horse was made by Collinson's of Liverpool and was refurbished sometimes in the 80's, we think. The paintwork is not original and not in perfect condition. The saddle and tack are not original. The saddle is in excellent condition.

The horse and stand are both structurally safe and sound. We have just replaced the bearings on the swing mechanism. The wood finish on the stand needs some tlc.

We are selling this rocking horse on behalf of a small primary school in the Midlands.

Antique Roking Horses
G&J Lines rocking horse circa 1910. Before restoration.
The damaged paintwork was removed, the legs and neck re fitted and glued. The broken chin was replaced. The rocking horse was then gessoed as all antique rocking horses, undercoated, painted and dappled and slightly antiqued, then finished with many coats of varnish. The hair colour was chosen according to the memory of the rocking horse owner.

Antique Roking Horses
Old rocking horse possibly made by "Rainbow Rocking Horses"
An unusual horse being set fairly low on its frame and with head in forward position.
The horse measures 40" high.
It is fairly tatty but usable in its present state. For sale at £750 or restored at £1500.

A fine example of F.H.Ayres Rocking Horses
A fine example of F.H.Ayres
A large rocking horse in unrestored condition. Saddle not present and bit missing. Can be restored or sold as seen.

F.H.Ayres Rocking Horses F.H.Ayres Rocking Horses F.H.Ayres Rocking Horses F.H.Ayres Rocking Horses